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Get Your Child Excited to Write

Writing is something all students must learn to do well because it's a necessary component of life. If your child isn't a fan of this subject, chances are they don't do a lot of writing. To get them to practice their skills and learn to love it, use these tips.

Send a Letter

Writing letters is a great way to practice writing while also having some fun. For students who are stuck indoors, this can be a fun way to keep in touch with friends. Your child's friends will love getting a surprise in the mail, so encourage your student to take some time to write them a letter or a postcard. Your child's friends may even respond, which can be more fun for your child than texting.

Get a Journal

Journaling can be fun for students and it gives them a creative outlet. Give your child a new journal and encourage them to get in the habit of writing in it daily. You can help them out by giving them writing prompts or they can write freely as long as they're taking the time to do it daily.

Write Together

Set the right example by doing your own writing. Similar to silent reading time, you and your child can sit together and work on your own writing at the same time. You can work on anything from writing letters to working on a novel as long you show your child that you write daily as well.

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