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Help Your Child Be More Efficient With Their Homework

For many students, homework time can be the most dreaded time of the day. This can lead to them procrastinating and then rushing through it. To ensure this doesn't happen, teach your child these tips.

Create a Timeline

As soon as your child gets home from school, have them create a list of tasks they need to complete. After this, help them put these in order of importance and come up with an estimate of how long each will take. This will get them an estimate of when they will be done. Doing this, like creating a to-do list, will keep them accountable and on task to complete everything on their list in a timely manner.

Line up Some Rewards

To keep your child motivated and on task, it can help to have some rewards waiting for them at the finish line. These rewards shouldn't be something like a new toy or gadget since this can feel like a bribe. Instead, please keep it simple with small rewards like an hour to play video games or a dessert they like.

Remove Distractions

Your child's workspace can make all the difference when they're working on homework. To ensure they don't get distracted and spend more time doing their homework than getting rid of their biggest distractors. This can be anything from their cellphone to noise that won't let them focus.

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