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Get the Most out of Your Textbooks

Reading a textbook can be tough for many students. Since these can be quite dense and not the most exciting, your child may have a hard time staying focused while reading them. To help them get the most out of their textbooks, use these tips.

Highlight the Most Important Information

As your child reads their textbook, they may feel overwhelmed by all the information. To make this less stressful, remind them to focus their attention on the most important of information. An easy way to do this is by highlighting these important parts. If your child isn't allowed to write in their textbooks, they can use sticky notes or something similar to highlight these areas without making a permanent mark.

Read Aloud to Absorb Information Better

Reading quietly may work when you're interested in the reading material, but when it's hard to focus on, this won't be as effective. In these cases, reading quietly may even lead to having to re-read the same paragraph multiple times because of an inability to focus on the material. Encourage your child to read aloud so that they can focus on the material and really absorb it.

Take Notes to Study from Later

As your child reads, they should also be taking notes. They can keep a notebook and pen next to their book to take note of the important parts. They can create an outline or organized notes that they can use to study from later on.

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