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Keep Your Child Learning This Winter Break

While winter break is meant to give your child a break from their stressful school routine, it doesn't mean all learning should go out the window. In fact, keeping your child's mind active during this period can keep them from getting bored and antsy. For fun learning activities, check out these suggestions.

Visit a Museum

Instead of having your child read endlessly out of their textbooks, make their winter break learning more engaging and exciting by taking them on field trips. One great field trip idea is visiting local museums, science centers, or even art galleries. These can all teach your child new lessons or even help to reinforce the lessons they've been learning in class. Since you're taking a trip out of the house and exploring something new, it won't even feel like a school lesson.

Practice Writing

Getting your child to practice their handwriting is easy during the holiday period. You can have your child help you write something as simple as a grocery list or even enlist their help when writing holiday cards or thank you notes to your loved ones. Since this comes with quite a bit of responsibility and importance, your child will take the role on more seriously.

Make Time to Read

Since there is quite a bit of downtime during winter break, encourage your child to beat boredom with a book. Whether you're heading on a long drive out of town or are waiting for your holiday treats to finish baking, give your child some books they'll enjoy reading during their break.

After School Tutoring in Macomb, MI

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