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Get Your Child Reading This Summer

Reading may not sound like the most exciting of activities, but once you get sucked into a book, nothing else seems quite as exciting. If your child isn't fond of reading, use some new reading strategies to turn their negative reading attitude around.

Head to the Library

To get your child excited about reading, take a trip to your local library. Before telling them what types of books to look for, allow them to roam the collection freely while picking up anything that sounds interesting. Giving your child this freedom will get them more interested in actually doing the reading. If the library is hosting a summer reading program, sign your child up. The often include incentives that will keep your child reading through their entire summer break.

Vacation Reading

If you're planning a family trip, let your child help plan parts of it with you. Not only will the responsibility of planning get them more excited about the trip, but it can also encourage them to do some reading. If you're heading out of the country, your child can be put in charge of researching anything from the culture to tourist attractions that may interest the family. Not only will this get them to practice reading, but it can also open their eyes up to a new world.

Combine Reading With Other Activities

Many students think reading is limited to novels and other academic work, but this isn't true. Show your child how their interests can be combined with reading to make it all more interesting. For example, if your child is a big sports fan, you can find plenty of books that focus on a specific player, team, sport, or even a competition. Similarly, if your child likes fashion, there are plenty of books related to important fashion movements, designers, and even the history of it all.

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