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This Habit Will Polish Their Coordination Skills

Motor coordination is the ability to control the body's movements, given that this capacity is vital for academic life and the child's personal development. Therefore, preschool activities prioritize this ability to help students properly hold writing and reading instruments for progress.

Spark Enthusiasm for School

Children have the facility for assimilating new content. Therefore, the more stimulation they receive in childhood, the greater their school and cultural development will be in the future. This happens due to the brain's expansion and rooting knowledge.

Develops Concentration and Autonomy

At this stage, parents and teachers can begin to work on concentration and autonomy. The level of difficulty of the activities can gradually increase if the child learns by playing. The idea is to provide a pleasant environment so children can assimilate the content more easily.

Stimulates the Appreciation for Studying

It's crucial to introduce exercises with playful strokes, encouraging effort and dedication and imagination, and creativity. Thus, the children will be motivated to continue learning and improve motor coordination, concentration, and logical reasoning.

Enter the World of Reading

Even before literacy, it's essential to encourage children to be curious in reading. Building a good reading habit should be boosted by the family and started as soon as possible.

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