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How to Maintain Your Child's Interest at the End of the School Year

Towards the end of the school year, it can become a lot harder for students to stay interested in their schoolwork. With summer just around the corner, their mind may already be on summer break. To help your child stay in the present, use these tips.

Make Small Changes

Your child's daily routine can ensure they are able to move through their day smoothly, but a routine can also get old and boring. To shake things up a bit, try changing small details in the daily routine. For example, if you have daily silent reading time, change up the space where you do this. This change may seem small, but it can make a difference.

Head Outside

Now that summer is coming up, chances are the weather is getting nicer. Take advantage of this and move your child's workspace outside. Set up a small work area in the patio or simply take breaks outside to change things up a bit.

Get Moving

Finally, if your child is tired of sitting in one space all day, do your best to get them moving. Make their lessons more interactive so that they aren't just sitting in front of a screen all day. For example, you can find a simple science experiment you can perform in your kitchen to go along with your child's science lessons.

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