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Reading is a fun activity that not many children are too fond of. This is usually due to academic reading as most students haven't had the chance to read books they like. Please encourage your child to read this winter break by allowing them to associate reading with more positive things. Below are some ways to encourage your child to read over this seasonal break.

Join a Reading Program

Many libraries host reading programs that are great at keeping students motivated to read through the season. Head to your local library and ask about what winter activities they may be hosting for students. Many reading programs offer rewards to students who reach specific goals within the program. These may be enough to get your child hooked on reading.

Family Reading Time

If you want your child to develop a healthy habit, you must set the right example. When it comes to reading, show your child that you enjoy reading by making time for it daily. You can have quiet reading time at home every day and have the entire family participate. This simple action can go a long way in helping your child develop better reading habits.

Start a Book Series

A great book series may be all your child needs to fall in love with reading. Let your child choose a series they're interested in, and then check out the first book at your local library. Chances are they will fall in love with the series and will want to continue reading the rest of the books. You can even surprise them by buying them the next book in the series.

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