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How to Use the Summer to Prepare for College

For many students, their first day of college is just around the corner. If your child is eagerly awaiting the fall because this means the start of their college career, help them prepare for it this summer.

Don't Miss a Deadline

Your child got into college, but that doesn't mean the deadlines are over. In fact, there may be a few more things your child has to complete this summer to ensure their first days go smoothly. For example, your child may still have to apply for housing, turn in financial aid paperwork, and register for classes. There may be a lot of dates and deadlines to keep track of, but you can help with that. Create a calendar with your child to keep track of it all and so they don't miss a single thing.

Get the Work Done

After registering for classes, your child may have some summer homework or reading to complete. Help your child find the books they need for the job early in the summer. The sooner they get the work done, the less stressed they'll feel as school approaches. Remind them that getting the work done also means they'll feel more confident as they start school.

Make Some Plans

There are also fun things to take care of as your child prepares for college. If they will be living in the dorms, encourage them to reach out to their new roommate. They can make plans for their room while getting to know each other. Dorm shopping is something else that can be fun for both you and your child. Make a list with your child so that you don't miss a thing for their new dorm room.

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