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Kindergarten Prep Tips

For many parents, kindergarten can turn into a stressful thing. As they prepare for the challenges enrolling their child in school can present, they may forget to prepare their child for this change. If your child is going to be starting kindergarten later this year, now is a great time to start preparing.

Communicate With Your Child

First up is talking to your child about the changes that are coming. You may think that since your child doesn't have a say in this change, then they don't really need to know much about it. On the contrary, it can help to talk to your child about what kindergarten is, what changes will come with it, and what they can expect from it. If they have any concerns, do your best to resolve them so that they can enter kindergarten feeling prepared and excited.

Work on Independence Skills

Many students struggle with the first few days of kindergarten because they have to get used to being away from their parents for the first time ever. If your child isn't in preschool or if they're not used to being on their own, this can be a challenge. Before the first day arrives, work on your child's independence skills. It can help to enroll them in extracurricular activities where the dynamic is similar to the classroom. As they get used to not having you at their side all day, it will make school less of a stressor.

Get to Know the School

Finally, take your child to their new school before the first day. Take them around the campus so that they get familiar with it and with their classroom. This will help them feel more at ease as they arrive for the first day of class.

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