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Get Your Child Reading

It may seem like your child detests anything school related even if it may be fun. When it comes to reading, most children will tell you they dislike it, but this may be because they've only ever done academic reading. Help them discover some books that may change their mind about reading with these tips.

Visit Your Local Library

Visiting your local library can open your child's eyes to the possibilities of reading for fun. If they've never been to your local library, let them browse the selection of books without pressuring them into choosing any. Let them pick out books that interest them and that they would like to read for fun. Don't set any rules since this should be completely up to them. It's also a good idea to make trips to the library a regular thing so that they can continue to explore new books.

Read Together

Reading with your child is a great way to get them to enjoy this activity. Whether you take turns reading out loud out of the same book or read quietly while in the same room, your child will feel more motivated to continue this activity. This special time together can help them see reading in a new light.

Start a Book Series

If you want to get your child hooked on reading, introduce them to the first book in a popular series. From Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, there are tons of book series to choose from. Ask your child which one sounds most interesting to them and surprise them with the first book. There's a chance they won't be able to put the book down and may need to take a trip to the library for the next book sooner than you expected.

Tutoring in Macomb, MI

If your child wants to improve their reading skills, tutoring in Macomb is here to help. The Tutoring Center, Macomb MI offers tons of tutoring programs that are sure to fit your child's needs. To find the perfect one, give them a call at (248) 318-1182.


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