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Make Math Fun for Your Student

Many students don't enjoy math, but this may come down to it just not being taught in a way that makes it easier for them. To help your child get more comfortable with math, and even enjoy it, use these tips.

Don't Focus on Time

It's not uncommon for math to be taught using times tests and speed tests, which encourage students to be quick. Unfortunately, these sorts of tests can lead to math anxiety and cause students to freeze even when they do know what they're doing. Rather than causing this negative association with math, allow your child to take their time solving a problem. This will teach them to work through roadblocks rather than giving up as soon as they come across one.

Encourage Growth

Math can be challenging for students, but this doesn't mean it'll always be a huge challenge. Teach your child that their initial math skills aren't a limit. In fact, with practice, they can grow their abilities and become math masters. Once they believe they can get better, they'll feel more relaxed. Be sure to recognize their improvements to see they are getting better and stay motivated to continue growing.

Play Some Games

Finally, make math fun by incorporating it into games and other activities your child enjoys. You can play board games to encourage them to practice basic math skills. Cooking, shopping, and crafting can also include math. Look for things your child likes to do and show them how they're using math and having fun.

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