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Keep Your Child Motivated at School

The midyear slump can cause your child to lose all their motivation and give the minimum effort required at school. To get them back on top of their work and motivated, use these tips.

Stay Positive

If your child is in a slump, chances are their grades reflect it. Before your approach them with a negative attitude, keep in mind that positivity may be more helpful. Negative comments can make them feel worse and may even push them further towards giving up. Instead, use positivity to help them get back on track. Work with them and help them see they can still do their best.

Make Some Changes

Following daily routines can help your child stay on top of all their tasks more efficiently, but these can get repetitive and boring. When they're in a slump, look for ways to change these up and make them more exciting. Something as small as changing their after school snack to changing around the order they do things in can make it more exciting.

Consider New Goals

Setting goals at the start of the school year is great practice, but don't lose sight of them. Check in on your child's goals at the midway point of the year and show them how much progress they've made. You may even make changes to these goals or refresh them to get your child motivated to complete them.

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