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Early Math Skills for Young Learners

Developing a math foundation early on is important for young children, even if they haven't entered school yet. In fact, many students enter school already knowing basic math concepts. To get your child's math skills sharp at an early age, use these tips.

Start With the Most Basic Skills

Instead of expecting your child to multiply and divide right away, start them off with the most basic of math skills. Teach your child to count forward and, once they master this skill, move on to counting backward. You can also teach your child to recognize numbers and associate this with a value. Eventually, your child will be able to understand the relationship between numbers. Use very basic math to teach them these skills which they will later build on.

Learn to Identify Shapes

Another lesson you can work on with your child includes shapes. Start by teaching your child the names of different shapes and gather household items to show them what each shape looks like. Use shape sorters to have your child practice grouping shapes.

Pattern Practice

Patterns can be made up of just about anything, including numbers, shapes, and colors. To help your child understand patterns, start off by having them create their own pattern. You can use a number of household objects to help your child create a basic pattern. For example, you can use two types of pasta to create an alternating pattern. This will help them make logical connections and help sharpen their reasoning skills.

After School Tutoring in Macomb, MI

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