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Make Bedtime Easy

Many parents know just how much of a struggle it can be to get their child to go to bed. If your nights are currently longer than you'd like because you just can't get your child into bed, these tips can help make their bedtime less of a struggle.

Get Homework Done Early

Plenty of students end up going to bed late because they leave their homework to last. If your child procrastinates often, this can turn into their nightly routine. To get them to go to bed on time, have them complete their homework as early as possible. This means getting started on it as soon as they get home.

Avoid Electronics

Your child may love their electronics, but these devices can lead to bad sleep. The blue light that your child's tablet, cellphone, and laptop emit can make it harder for them to fall asleep and can make the sleep they do get to be bad quality sleep. To ensure this doesn't happen, have your child put their electronics away for the day at least an hour before bedtime.

Make It a Relaxing Time

To make bedtime easier for your child, make the lead up to it relaxing. Have your child get in the habit of practicing relaxing activities, like reading or taking a warm bath, so that their body is ready to go to sleep.

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