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Easy Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Writer's block can hit anyone, no matter their age or what they're working on. If your child is currently frustrated with writer's block, teach them these tips that can help them overcome it.

Change Things Up

Sitting in front of an empty page and just staring at it won't help your child suddenly break through their writer's block. In fact, it can frustrate them more as they see the minutes pass without any progress. Your child should instead make some changes to their current situation. Small changes like going outside to write or using paper instead of a laptop can unlock something in their mind and inspire their writing.

Take a Serious Break

If their assignment is due soon, your child may not want to leave their laptop. Convince them to take a break to clear mind before trying to write again. Moving around, taking a shower, or doing any other activity that gets their mind off the assignment can also help them relax and reset. After some time, they may have a better idea of what they want to write and how to do it.

Leave Perfection for Another Time

This may sound like giving up, but it's not. Getting hung up on finding the perfect word or sentence structure won't let your child get far. They should write what they can currently and then go back and edit their work after taking a break. If this is their first draft, remind them that they'll have plenty of chances to review their work and improve it.

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