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Homework Habits That Really Help

If your child has significant trouble working up the motivation to start their homework after school, they're not alone. To help your student get started and get it done efficiently, use these tips to make their homework time a breeze.

Get It Done Early

Even if your child wants to zone out in front of their electronics after a long day of school, make these off-limits until their homework is complete. Have your child start their homework before dinner and, if possible, complete it before dinner. This will give them plenty of time to relax and enjoy their evening without the stress and anxiety brought on by procrastination.

Focus on the Task

You may be surprised to learn that your child's homework isn't actually difficult and the reason it takes so long is that they're constantly getting distracted. To make distractions a thing of the past, physically remove them from your child's workspace. You may find that your child works more efficiently like this and they may even get their homework done in half the time.

Learn to Prioritize

Finally, before your child even starts working, have them create a to-do list of all the tasks they need to complete that evening. This will help their mind feel more organized so that they're less stressed. It's important that your child also prioritizes the items on their list so that they can finish the most important tasks first. By doing this, they can get rid of some of the stress they're feeling as they mark these items complete.

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