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Tips to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

Not all children are naturally social. If your child struggles with their social skills, it can be hard for them to make friends and connect with their classmates. To help them overcome these struggles, use these tips to improve their social skills.



Why Your Involvement Matters

Many parents want to stay involved in their child's education, but doing it can seem like a challenge. It really doesn't take much effort, and the payoff is worth definitely worth it. Learn more about how your engagement in your child's education can help them...

Study Tip for Those Classes Your Child Doesn't Like

As much as you wish your student loved school, this simply isn't a reality in most households. Even if your child is fine with school, there's bound to be at least one subject they simply don't like. When it comes time to study for this class,...

Homework Habits That Really Help

If your child has significant trouble working up the motivation to start their homework after school, they're not alone. To help your student get started and get it done efficiently, use these tips to make their homework time a breeze.

Get It Done Early

Even if...

How to Get Summer Homework Done on Time

Many students don't escape homework during the summer months. If your child has some summer assignments that still need to get done, use these tips to help them complete the work on time.

Create a Homework Plan

In order for your child to get their summer...

Get Your Child Reading This Summer

Reading may not sound like the most exciting of activities, but once you get sucked into a book, nothing else seems quite as exciting. If your child isn't fond of reading, use some new reading strategies to turn their negative reading attitude around.

Head to...


Tips to Overcome Homework Procrastination

Homework may be the last thing your child wants to do after a day of school, but there's no other way around it. Instead of letting your child delay their homework time later and later in the day, help them get it done right after school with these...

Help Your Child Prepare for Their Next Presentation

Class presentations can cause quite a bit of stress among students. Since most students aren't fond of public speaking, preparing for a class presentation can seem impossible. To help your child do it and do it well, use these tips from The...

Help Your Child Prepare for the SAT

If your child's SAT test day is coming up or you just want them to get a head start on their preparation for the test, check out these SAT prep tips from The Tutoring Center, Macomb MI.

Learn About the SAT

If your child is worried about the SAT, an easy way to...

Time Management Tips for Students

If your child is having trouble keeping up with all of their commitments, they may just need to work on improving their time management skills. To get them back on track, teach them these useful strategies that will help them get the most of their time.

Use a...


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