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Help Your Child Have a Productive Summer

It's easy for students to spend the summer zoned out in front of the television or absorbed in their phone, but at some point, they will get bored of doing this. Encourage them to stay active and use these tips to have a more successful summer break.



How to Use the Summer to Prepare for College

For many students, their first day of college is just around the corner. If your child is eagerly awaiting the fall because this means the start of their college career, help them prepare for it this summer.

Don't Miss a Deadline

Your child got into...

How to Maintain Your Child's Interest at the End of the School Year

Towards the end of the school year, it can become a lot harder for students to stay interested in their schoolwork. With summer just around the corner, their mind may already be on summer break. To help your child stay in the...

Internet Safety for Children

The internet has made plenty of things easier, including doing homework and studying. At the same time, the internet isn't always the safest place. To learn more about how you can keep your child safe online, continue reading.

Set Internet Limits

Younger students may...

Easy Ways to Create an Effective Workspace At Home

Working from home can be tough for students and parents alike. In order to make the best of it, a productive workspace is a must. To set up a proper workspace for your child use these tips.

Pick the Right Space

If your child has a desk in their...

Concentration Tips Your Child Can Use in Class

It's not uncommon for students to struggle with concentrating in class. If your child finds they have a hard time staying focused while the teacher is leading a lesson, they can use these tips to try and stay focused.

Pick the Right Spot


Make Bedtime Easy

Many parents know just how much of a struggle it can be to get their child to go to bed. If your nights are currently longer than you'd like because you just can't get your child into bed, these tips can help make their bedtime less of a struggle.

Get Homework Done Early


Kindergarten Prep Tips

For many parents, kindergarten can turn into a stressful thing. As they prepare for the challenges enrolling their child in school can present, they may forget to prepare their child for this change. If your child is going to be starting kindergarten later this year, now...

Tips to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

Not all children are naturally social. If your child struggles with their social skills, it can be hard for them to make friends and connect with their classmates. To help them overcome these struggles, use these tips to improve their social skills.



Why Your Involvement Matters

Many parents want to stay involved in their child's education, but doing it can seem like a challenge. It really doesn't take much effort, and the payoff is worth definitely worth it. Learn more about how your engagement in your child's education can help them...


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