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Tips to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

Children spend more and more time in front of screens because they're used for everything from entertainment to school lessons. However, this increased amount of time spent interacting with screens isn't necessarily a good thing. To help your child cut...

Fun Rainy Day Activities for Students

Rainy days can be a nice break from the routine, but for young students, they can feel like boring, never-ending days. If your child gets bored easily or if they want to spend the day zoning out in front of the television, set up some fun activities that...

Keep Your Child Learning This Winter Break

While winter break is meant to give your child a break from their stressful school routine, it doesn't mean all learning should go out the window. In fact, keeping your child's mind active during this period can keep them from getting bored and antsy....

How to Help Your Child Prepare for Exams

If your child is trying to get a good grade on an exam, it will take more than just studying. In fact, planning ahead and sticking to healthy habits can also help them reach success. Use the following tips to help your child reach their target test...

Tips to Help Improve Your Child's Study Habits

Studying is an important skill that all students need to master early on in their academic career. Since studying will be necessary all the way through college and higher education, it's best to learn how to study effectively at a young age. To help...

Early Math Skills for Young Learners

Developing a math foundation early on is important for young children, even if they haven't entered school yet. In fact, many students enter school already knowing basic math concepts. To get your child's math skills sharp at an early age, use these tips.



Get Your Child Reading

It may seem like your child detests anything school related even if it may be fun. When it comes to reading, most children will tell you they dislike it, but this may be because they've only ever done academic reading. Help them discover some books that may change their...
Students display clear signals when they’re in need of academic help. If you notice your child is moody, their grades are dropping, or if they struggle with homework, a tutor can help them out.

Have You Seen These Signs?

There are plenty of reasons why signing your child up for a tutoring program...
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