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Reading is a fun activity that not many children are too fond of. This is usually due to academic reading as most students haven't had the chance to read books they like. Please encourage your child to read this winter break by allowing them to associate reading with more positive things. Below...

Increase the development of your children's cognitive skills with these tips shared by The Tutoring Center, Macomb.

Singing and Dancing

Singing songs is not only a way to stay entertained. It's also an activity where children can improve their memorization skills. Besides, singing and dancing...

School Year Routines

The word routine may make you think of something boring, but in reality, routines can give you the structure you need for a productive day. Help your child have a successful school year by installing certain routines around your home.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Start by...

This Habit Will Polish Their Coordination Skills

Motor coordination is the ability to control the body's movements, given that this capacity is vital for academic life and the child's personal development. Therefore, preschool activities prioritize this ability to help students properly hold...

Parental support is key to helping children do well academically. Here, The Tutoring Center, Macomb, shares a few suggestions for parents to put their children on the path to be successful learners.

Help Them Meet Their Homework Expectations

Homework strengthens and increases classroom...

The Advantages of Reading

Reading entertains and boosts imagination. One of the most significant benefits of reading is that it helps to develop children’s creativity because it allows them to travel, discover new worlds, and feel part of the texts they read without leaving home.

Here Are Some...


Although it may seem hard to believe, it's common to see fits of stress and anxiety in children during the summer break, as these sentiments are often triggered by boredom. However, it's important to point out that childhood stress can be linked to health, well-being, and optimal brain...

Easy Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

Writer's block can hit anyone, no matter their age or what they're working on. If your child is currently frustrated with writer's block, teach them these tips that can help them overcome it.

Change Things Up

Sitting in front of an empty page and just staring...

Tips to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer

If your child thought that writing was a one-time lesson, they may not be happy to hear that they will be working to improve their writing skills all through school. To help them become a great writer and breeze through these lessons, use these...

Get Ready for Your Child's First Day of Preschool

Before your child's first day of preschool arrives, it's important for them to be prepared for it. This will help them have an easier time in the classroom so that they can focus on learning.

Work on Being Independent

It's important that your...


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